GIT integration

I would definitely create a ticket with our technical support for this issue. They will be able to assist you directly and even escalate the issue for it to be fixed with a patch if it comes to that.

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We recently started using git in our team.We are facing issue while rebasing the changes.

After we pull and resolve conflicts, its doing at file level but not at activity level i.e., at the end either of the xaml is persisting but not the combination that we wanted.

Any solution?

Hi @VasuNaidu

Could you maybe explain the issue with some screenshots? It would help a bit :slight_smile:

Hi @loginerror,

Thanks for responding.
Please find the snapshot below:

As per above, it states that either of the files can be chosen.
But I need to chose at activity level from both the files and end up with a consolidated file. Any other way to achieve this?

Is this resolved? I am also getting same malformed URL in studio 2019.4.4 enterprise edition when working with GIT repository.

Has this been resolved? I am having the exact same issue.

And now we got it :slight_smile:

Hi @NiveditaSingh

Any chance you could give it a try with the latest 2019.10 beta? There is a big chance this was already fixed.