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I would especially be interested in using git repositories in VSTS (now Microsoft DevOps). I would like to have one VSTS “project” for RPA with a repository for each UiPath Studio project. It appears that using the TFS repository in VSTS requires a separate VSTS project for each UiPath Studio project, which I’m not keen on at all.


+1 for Microsoft DevOps

Is there any plugin or integration with GIT from UIPath Studio?

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Here is a thread for the TFS, It may be usefull.



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Wanted to check with you on how exactly are doing every steps using Jenkins . How did manage to deploy on orchestrator using jenkins.


+1 for GIT. We want to integrate it in our existing corporate GIT repos.


+1 for GIT. We also use GIT heavily in our enterprise, would really like to see this. As-is, we can track the file structure separately, but would be really nice to have the integration as an option.


+1 for GIT.


Yes plz :heart_eyes:


+1 for Git


Rooting for github as well


+1 for git!


+1 for git


So is the git integration somewhere by now?


How is that GIT coming? Your customers have spoken.

Did UiPath 2018.2 version support GIT to perform preparation activity

Git is required more than more…


The point @badita mentions above about Git being decentralized and having no file locking capability is an important one, I believe. Yes Git is very popular, but I suspect primarily for traditional programming use.

Even Visual Studio TFS is now configured out of the box to be decentralized (with no locking) since that is what is currently in fashion for normal (mergable) programming.

We must deliberately configure Visual Studio TFS to allow file locking, whereas I can see that UiPath Studio’s TFS is configured out of the box to host all files on the server and has locking enabled from the start.

Given that UiPath projects are XAML-based, which from everything I’ve read is merge-averse, we must avoid multiple developers performing concurrent edits to the same XAML file. Ideally this means being able to lock any given file that is currently being worked on so nobody else accidentally makes a concurrent change.

Can’t do that with Git.

For that reason, my training courses will teach people how to use Visual Studio’s TFS features (I don’t think UiPath Studio’s features are ready for prime time yet) with server-based workspaces that allow us to lock files, preventing accidental concurrent edits.


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I have a question for those who use GIT today for UiPath projects: are you working on multiple branches?

If so, how? If not, how’s it working for you with only one branch?

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+1 as we use GIT as well!


In professional use cases you will have multiple branches. Developer 1 is working on feature A, developer 2 on feature B and so one. Is it a problem? It is a requirement to work with git inside uipath studio like in visual studio oder intellij. I think this is state of the art.