GetTransationData Workflow

Can anyone explain this? What is meant by Linear and repeatable?. I am trying to read many transactions off the Orchestrator queue and don’t know how to interpret the below and what to code where. - Thanks

Hi @ColinCrabtree,
You can check out our Academy. In LVL3 - Advanced training there is an overview on REFramework where each part of it is described. Additionally this (point 1) can help:

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@Pablito thanks for the feedback. I am actually busy with the LVL3 advanced training and have been stuck for months now as the GetTransactionData WF falls over on the Get Transaction item activity. No one seems to be able to find the problem. The link you sent refers to examples reading an excel file. I am reading from the orchestrator queue.

Well I will try to help. So from what I understand you have already pushed transaction items to orchestrator and now you want to take them.
Your Get Transaction Item activity need to take data based on you queue name written in config (Data/Config.xlsx) and base on this it will connect to your orchestrator. Then as an output you need to use argument for TransactionItem. Like this:

@Pablito - Thanks for assisting. So my setup looks like you say:

My Orchestrator Queue looks like this:

My Config file looks like this:

Yes. And the in If activity based on Transaction Item you are assigning it to TransactionID as an output for the rest part of REFramework.

@Pablito The WF does not get that far. it falls over like this. it looks as though there is nothing in the OrchestratorQueueName argument? but I don’t know where to look or how to assign. I thought the Framework handles that?:

Check if your invoke for GetTransactionData has proper values:

@Pablito Yep !

Are you able to send the project so I could check it?

@Pablito. I have never done this before. so hope this works :wink:

UiDemo (52.6 KB)

NB: I did add a Log Message activity just before the get transaction data to see if I could see values but it failed with same message.

It can’t work like this… You have moved all xaml files to root folder where invokes refers to the default REFramework folders. Loot at this:

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Oh Dear ! So sorry. Much to learn. Have moved them back to where they were hopefully. The Ui_Demo sub-folder is where my Main is lying. (1.7 MB)

Something is wrongly set here:
For init settings you are using argument “in_ConfigFile” with the full path but inside the invoked file:
You are not even using this argument. This means that probably framework can’t see you excel document.

Just keep you config file in the project under “Data\Confing.xlsx” and use argument with value “Data\Config.xlsx”

Like this:
And then use it in the workflow:
Remember that for InitAllSettings.xlsx you are using two ReadRange activities. For both use argument.

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@Pablito I updated WF as you said but still get this error:

I have noticed this argument in the WF. How does it get set as I don’t set it anywhere?

Am I passing the Config file through properly?


In that Specify value like:


Where OrchestratorQueueName is from your config excel file.

Name - OrchestratorQueueName

Value - Name of the Queue.

Hi @lakshman. I get message "compiler error, Config is not declared or not accessible due to its protection level when doing that:

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Not here. Go to GetTransactionData xaml file and then Edit arguments. Add the value under in_Config argument the one you highlighted.

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@lakshman This is what it looks like currently. Not sure where you are referring too.


Go to Edit arguments where you are invoking Get TransacionData xaml file and provide me screenshot of it.