Getting value out of get full text

attached is the scrreen shot i want to get values that are in rectangle i have used get full text to get the entire data now how can i get that highighted data

if this is standard message you should try string manipulations

how many string manipulation should i use?

i think string manipulation will not be a good approach or is it?

If you use string manipulation you could extract the service required and the upgrade/downgrade date.
You just need to string manipulation, one for each item

can you tell me or send a workflow how to do that

Use the below code.

  • Get Full Text, Ouptut -> String1
  • Assign ServiceReq = String1.substring(String1.Indexof(“Service Required”)+17),String1.Indexof(“Upgrade/Downgrade”)-1))
  • Assign UpgradeReq = String1.substring(String1.Indexof(“Upgrade/Downgrade”)+34),String1.Indexof(“Campaign Name”)-1))

hi vivek can you explain what is (+17 ) and (-1)what will they do and also +34

String1.Indexof(“Service Required”) will give you starting index of “Service Required”. So to ignore “Service Required”, we are adding +17. Same applies for +34.

i want to get the value after service request and upgrade /downgrade on date .will it give values after that “:” ?

Yes you are correct. It will values after semicolon(;).

thnx let me try ill get back to you then

it worked thanks

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Congrats. Please mark the solution as solved :slightly_smiling_face:

how you are counting 17 and 34 on which basis i am still confused

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