Getting url from another tab

I am working on google survey so when a new survey is generated, it will be opened on new tab where the URL is dynamic. I will need to continue my workflow there but in order to do that, i need the URL so is there anyways i can get URL from another tab during run

Hi @Derek_Chia,
You can use Send Hot Key activity and send Ctrl+Tab (to go to the new tab) and use get text activity to extract the url .
Hope this helps.


Nope not working because the get text activity is unable to read the URL and when i send hotkeys to next tab and use get attribute activity to get URL

The result of the url i received is the URL on the first tab not the second

Hi @Derek_Chia,
This is because of your target selector in attached to one tab. make it as dynamic selector it will resolve this issue.
I have attached my workflow for your (11.4 KB)

Hope this helps