Getting unnecessary characters while extracting invoice PDF to Excel

Hello all,

I am trying to extract invoice from my email and reading it to Excel. Along with that I am adding an extra column named Invoice link(Folder path where the invoice is located). After reading the data there is some unwanted character coming up in the excel. I have attached an image for reference

What’s the unwanted character you are seeing in excel? Im seeing a new row with “C” is that what you want deleted?

Many ways to do this, and if you see the letter C consistently in all extractions you can delete the row containing C before you export it into excel.

Please find this video. Instead of removing null rows here you can remove row containing “C”

Yes, the unwanted character here is ‘C’.
But what if there is an invoice which starts with C?

I do see C constantly

You can simply remove rows where you see a unique “C” entry. This only deletes rows in the table post extraction, so you won’t have an invoice name issue.

Okay will try

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