Getting unauthorized when trying to access document manager

Hi! I signed up for enterprise trial and I’m unable to utilize document understanding even with AI Center and document understanding enabled.

@uipath help?


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What do you mean you are unable to use?

Are you not seeing the api or the ai center option on orchestrator?


I see the ai center option. And I have both ai center and document understanding enabled. I’m getting an unauthorized error when I try to use document understanding for data labeling.


Did you enable the license for this user…in the user options…is the necessary aroles to access is provided?


I have administrator role enabled but I’m still getting unauthorized error

Hi @Marielle_Nolasco ,

Are you able to access the AI Center ?


I guess you nedd data scientist role to build the ml skills i guess…I see only process controller


yes i am able to access AI center

I can build an ML skill. I can’t access the document manager to label a data set

@Marielle_Nolasco ,

You should have the Document Manager Option in projects created in AI Center as well, Could you check and let us know if you are able to access that ?

I’m unable to access it via Ai Center. Even when I start a document labeling session with document understanding


That looks liek soem issue…because ideally you should be able to access data labelling normally if you are able to access everything else

Did you try clearing your cache and reloading the page and then try?


Still getting the same issue after clearing the cache :confused: