Getting UI selector error

first element is disable so it is giving me UI selector error.
So when i pass these two element("<html title='Audit Systems' /><webctrl aaname='"+in_Name+"' parentid='ctl00_c0_ctrGrid' tag='A' />") dynamically getting UI selector error


Hi @pankajs3

In the aaname value, why do I see some special characters in the beginning and at the end?

I think he has pasted the name to filter the actual value.
According to me the issue could be with the parentid value which may be changing with every instance.
Try to make your selector more dynamic by understanding the value of id or using a more static attribute in UiExplorer.
You can also try using wild card * or ? to make it more generic each time the process runs.

i have verified parentid value that is same all time of selector.

The first line is grayed as this is a partial selector as the activity may be inside a container. Which is fine.
Looking at the screenshot the selector looks valid.
Try again adding a value to aaname and clicking on validate button to see if the selector is valid.

also you can use {{}} to add a variable directly in aaname by clicking on the value and doing Ctrl+s

if you have the latest version of uipath then we got a feature to set variable inside the SELECTOR EDITOR itself
kindly have a view on this

if you are not having that option, copy the whole selector with the variable to the attribute and pass that as a string bettween double quotes to selector property
i.e., whenever we are adding a variable to selector dont make changes in the selector editor instead of that we can copy the whole selector and paste them as string in SELECTOR PROPERTY of the activity like this

Cheers @pankajs3