Getting UI Element or Selector not found exception


I am facing an issue (i.e. UI element or selector not found exception). Actually, I am trying to extract the table’ data(basis on which I have to take some decisions) from an internal website. This data is coming from a webserivce which is calling after every 2-3 seconds and fetches the data. Every time webservice called, table data reloaded and fetch the updated information (something like real time data).

The problem is, sometimes robotics get the table data and sometimes it doesn’t and invalidate the selectors.

Please help to resolve this issue.


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You need to make your selector more dynamic by customizing

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i have tried but all in vain

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Are you able to capture a few times the selector for the specified table - then try to work out what is changing each time.

If you post them on here, we can have a look to see how to make it dynamic :slight_smile:

I am trying to update the below textbox. But everytime, it fails with selector not found exception.


You haven’t shared the selector -
If you can capture the selector for the first comment box and second comment box and post, we can try to help. I would also recommend starting a new thread :slight_smile: