Getting this error in date

someone tell me this error


You need to use .ToString("MM/dd/yyyy")

Also what is latestdate?

Is it a datarow type?

Because you are giving latestdate("Column")



How about the following expression?

if(Double.TryParse(latestdate("Column-2").ToString,New Double), DateTime.FromOADate(Double.Parse(latestdate("Column-2").ToString)).ToString("MM/dd/yyyy"),CDate(latestdate("Column-2")).ToString("MM/dd/yyyy"))


yes it is datarow

@Anil_G you only gave me this expression bro

still getting error


I beleive the left variable is a data type…please change it to string…out_LatestDate

If you want as date then you can remvoe .ToString(…) completely from both expressions

For reference… Expression is little different without .ToString only