Getting the row number in excel

Hi, I would like to insert a cell range into my uipath process, under “write cell”. However, I do not want to manually select the range as my data in excel will change from time to time. Is there a way I can insert the row number range (126-132 in this case) automatically?

Screenshot (134)

You could use dt.rows.count to get exact rows and put it in a variable.
Then use that variable in write cell.

E.g. if Dt1 is having 5 rows and I want it to write from 6th row then I know it will go till 11

What is dt.rows.count? is it an activity?

No it’s a method to get count of rows available in your data table. you can google more about it and how to use it. you can use it in assign activity and you’ll get count in variable, now use that variable in your write cell

Thank alot. I will look onto that. have a great day

do you want to append the new data at the end of rows in the existed excel ? then use append activity. you don’t need to specify any cell numbers. or use write cell. append activity will just add the rows at the end. but if you still want to add cell number then do as mentioned by @Codegias