Getting the Last Row of excel file that has value and append data

Hello Everyone,

Good day!

So I was working on an automation where in I get sample data like this…

So I need to create something like this…

Is there any way???

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hi @pasimon

Do one thing based on you can iterate the values and do it based on build datatable
And add datarow
And then print the values

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Hi @AshwinS2,

I kinda dont get it, apologies, im very new to vb and uipath. Can you elaborate further?

Thank you so much :frowning:

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hi @pasimon,

Do you need get to learn how you can automate a process like you shared or you need exactly what you gave on example ? :slight_smile:

I mean you can automate this sample with simple excel tools like excel pivot tables.

Here is the sample macro file for this example. Kindly copy the datas as you mentioned to sheet1 then push “Click on me Button” after that in result sheet you will see what you need :slight_smile: (10.9 KB)
Also there are different methods to do this but if you be able to solve your EXCEL problems with macro then try it. Because this way will better do be more effective about performance.


Can you share to me your excel file @pasimon


Hi, @alpersahin!

Thank you for your example, I’ll try to study this further. But upon downloading what you send, the macro seems to be not working and I have checked the marco list. No macro was available. :frowning: so i cant really see the output.


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