Getting "The given key was not present in the dictionary" even if the key value are present in the config file

Hi All

I am getting “The given key was not present in the dictionary” exception. The key value pair are present. I also verified the proper value is also coming in the Message box.

Then what might be the issue ? Please help its urgent.

Do you know which activity is throwing the exception? That would help identify the issue.

This can happen using Queue items too. The issue 100% is caused by using the wrong key value. If you use a Config dictionary, then it could be that, and if you use TransactionItem.SpecificContent(), it could be that. Identifying the activity will help though :slight_smile:

Get Queue Items is the activity.

Can you show the values you have in the Properties section for that activity?

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@ClaytonM Please check the above screenshots.

@kkp, Are you passing the Config variable from parent to child XAML?

What do you have in the From property exactly? It says null and you are using previousDate, but there is something next to that variable which I can’t see, and might be the problem

Thanks @ClaytonM! That was the problem. In the From property there was another config variable whose key was missing in the file.

Sorry i missed that.

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