Getting the error in VDI, after deployment

hi Team,

We have made an solution using UiPath Core Framework which is running successfully on the local machine that is on developer machine once that code is extracted as a package and when have deployed the Package on VDI and when try to execute that package getting the below mentioned error.

Any suggestion will be helpful.
Thanks in Advance.

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Hi @harsha8687,
Usually this error means that there is a variable used which doesn’t have any value during the process. Eventually there is library/package used which is not included on other computer.

hi @Pablito,

Yes as per the message we have understood the same, but the code which we are using is a very big solution so we are not able to find the problem in that solution and its running fine on Local Machines, is there any other Tool or any solution where we can find the problem directly/easily.

I think installation of Studio on second machine and then debugging is only way to check it.