Getting the desired part from the PDF file

I want to copy the number inside the red rectangle in the picture, how can I do that? I can get all the content with the Read PDF Text activity, but I can’t get the part I want.


Use read pdf text activity.
Use regex or String manipulations to get the data inside the red rectangle.

Thank you

Hi @tolgademir

  1. Use Read PDF Text or Read PDF with OCR activity to read the PDF.
    Note: Download UiPath.PDF.Activtites to use these and use can use Tesseract OCR in Read PDF with OCR for better results.

  2. Store it an text file and use Regular expressions to extract the total value.

Hope it helps!!

Hi @tolgademir

Can you provide me the extracted data file so that I will give you the regex expression


Hi @tolgademir ,

Check with Read PDF Text activity with PreserveFormat property set to True and get the text data.

We can then apply a Regex Expression to get the value required.



System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Match(yourExtractedInputString,"(?<=FATURA TOPLAM TUTARI.*)[\d.,]+").Value

Check with the above Expression and let us know if it doesn’t work also providing the sample data if possible.

This video solved my problem, thanks for your answers.

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