Getting System.OutOfMemory Exception while running Fuzzy Lookup using UiPath


I am running Fuzzy Lookup in Excel using UiPath and after processing some records I am getting System.OutOfMemory Exception popup. Once this popup occurs automation stuck for hours.
Can some one please help to resolve this error.


What is the purpose of your Fuzzy Lookup? I think you should try to run this activity without opening Excel (uncheck the visible box).

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Hi Melanie,

Fuzzy Lookup gives me the similarity between the values in two different columns. As you can see in the last column it gives me the similarity score. I can not run this Fuzzy Lookup add-in in the background and for that I need to open excel and perform UI operations on the excel. You can see the lookup successfully processed some 446 records and after that this exception popup occurs. It is not happening all the time but sometimes I am getting this exception popup.