Getting Specific cell value in an If condition

Am trying to check if specific cell content is a yes or No so that I can format the excel if its a YES, but am unsure how to check for a yes or no
Here is a sample of the excel

The cell that am supposed to check is F2 if its either YES or NO
How do I go about it?

I would really appreciate your help

Hi @pattwagunyi ,

Have you tried using Read Cell Activity ? You can get the data from that particular cell using this activity and then you should be able to perform comparison with it.

Let try that one one
What if the cell is dynamic ie the location of NO/YES keeps changing?

@pattwagunyi ,

In that case, we would need to know how would a human/user understand that it is in that particular location, we could mimic the same logic and achieve the result, we need to have a condition and then extract the value.

Let us know what is the condition that we could apply here.

This has worked, thank you!!

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The files are being edited by different people, but I guess for now the format is the same so the cell is static

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Hi @pattwagunyi is your cell address(F2) for value YES/NO is constant?

For now, yess its constant

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