Getting Selectors issue

i have autoamted a bot where the data is passed in queue. The bot completes the transaction for 1 queue item and again goes back to only a particular Get Full Text selector. Can anyone help me why does this happen. I get a error saying: “Get Full Text for Name: No open windows found for ‘sfw.exe’. Please check if the application is running.”

Please check below,

  1. Once the transaction completes, are you closing your application? If so, are you opening again?
  2. Are there any selector differences you notices for each transaction?

Hi @sneha_arbole,

Could you please check if you are looping back to the right place where you need to start looping from for all queue items?

If you are using Re-framework, it must be to ‘get transaction data’ state.


did you reset the bot to its original state (close applications / go back to home page etc) after each transaction?