Getting Select Item Error

@170290064 your all transaction completed but none of them is correct…you need to check during comment section filling

Hmm. I ll check it out and let you know the result.

Run in debug mode by slow steps and check for first transaction only

I remembered. This is where we having errors

It is not typing UploadID and its writing something different then UploadID

@170290064 where you are getting upload Id

I am getting like this

@170290064 Brother from portal where you are getting UploadID

@170290064 share only latest performer with me

Here is everything looks fine

Okay lemme share it (2.3 MB)

Here it is!

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@170290064 I figured out one thing which is Yearly report header

Second Thing you are not getting correct Upload Id

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Issue resolved.

Generate_Yearly_Report_2023_Performer (2).zip (1.0 MB)
change Queue name and asset name in process and enjoy
Ignore Failed Items in snip…it was due to testing

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I will try it tomorrow and let you know the results…

Thanks in advance!

I changed the asset name and so on and i ran the file you sent…

This is what i get :thinking:

@170290064 change queue name in get queue items activity

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:100: :grinning: :facepunch:

Mission completed :+1:

Thanks a lot!


Welcome brother…are you happy now?
Stay Blessed

I am very happy :grinning:

Same to you. Have a good day. :wave:

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