Getting replace to read | as "|" not regex Or command?

Hey guys I’m having trouble with the replace command and I’m wondering if this is just a limitation in how the program will read the string. I’m trying to replace a string “sqft|Landing” with “sqft||Landing” but the Replace activity is reading “sqft|Landing” as Regex so its matchign “sqft” or “Landing” which appears many times, rather than the string “sqft|Landing” which appears once.

Are pipe characters able to be read as non regex or is this just a character that needs to be avoided which working in the program? Thanks.

use an assign activity
and assign it to YourStringVar

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Thanks @ppr that worked beautifully. Is it safe to say that the Replace activity is more of a regex specific tool where Assign has generally more use?

from docu:


Within a specified input string, replaces strings that match a regular expression pattern with a specified replacement string. This activity has a RegEx Builder wizard that can be used to configure it, on which you can read more here.

the replace function used within assign comes from the string implmentation .net:

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