Getting "range does not exist" error when using excel read rang with single cell selcetd


I’m having an issue that seems to make no sense. I’m trying to read some data from an excel file and when I use the range of just a single cell (e.g. “D9”)it gives me an error saying the range does not exist however when I use a cell range (e.g.“D9:J11”) it works no problem. however the process I am automating the data sheets will be varying in length so I will not know where to end the cell range. The file types are .xlsb but that doesn’t seem to be the issue as I’ve tried it with other files of same type. Any Ideas on what the cause might be or a viable workaround?


Hi @emmet,

Please use “” (Empty String) with no Range Specified to Read the Entire Sheet. UiPath will automatically read the full dynamic range (Number of filled rows present in the Excel Sheet) and Output it as a Datatable.

Thank you. Happy Automation. :slight_smile:


You want to read only one cell value that time you can use read cell activity.

The Empty string notation causes the same issue. the problem seems to be with it not being able to find the end of the data. (Possibly due to size? there are aprox 150,000 rows)

I don’t want to read just one cell

Did you know what is the last cell in your sheet?

Do you want to know what is the last cell in your data sheet

Maybe. Can you please try it with 10 rows? With the same excel sheet? You’ll know that if it’s due to the size.

Yes it works when the end cell is defined. the only workaround ive been able to do is to run through each row until it finds and empty one and then read the desired cells. But this takes way too long. I’ve decided to ditch UIPath just using python instead.