Getting Particular value from String

How to get JUN-20 from this string "01-JUN-20_30-JUN-20 " ?


There are multiple ways of doing this:

  1. Split String
    1.1 By _ to split into two dates
    1.2 By - to split into portions
  2. Regex (this would most likely be the better solution)

HI @deepak, So your expected result is only JUN-20 its dymanic or static one, because I am seeing 2 recored JUN-20, so how you want the result.


Hi @deepak_raj,

The below regex can be used to extract the data


but the month should be in 3 characters and the year should be 2 characters, but can be modified according to the need.

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Hi @deepak_raj

This can be achieve by 2 ways.

1st Way by using Regex :-




2nd Way by String Manipulation :-


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