Getting OTP from Gmail using IMAP

HI team,

I am new to uipath.
I am trying to read otp from mail and it is working.
But when there is mail chain it is taking the old mail not the newer one so that it is taking old otp and keep on failing.
Any suggestions how to filter the latest mail from mail chain by date and time using imap.

Hi @Prabhakaran_S

Check this


Hi Ashwin,

I am trying using IMAP,can you give suggestions on this option.

hi @Prabhakaran_S

check this

ashwin S

My issue is I am receiving mails in the same mailchain and I am filtering with subject name but the problem is taking the old otp not the new one.
So I am thinking of sort the mail chain message with Timestamp and get the latest one.
Any inputs please?