Getting Operation Timeout in Outlook on running bot in Unattended mode

Hi Experts,

I am getting issue in sending email when running bot in unattended mode.
When bot use to send email from outlook it also gets below popup in parallel.

Bot is working fine if i run it from studio or from Assistant.

Current Logic Implemented


Please let me know what changes i need to do so that bot works in Attended and unattended mode.


Hi @ermanoj3101,

Have you tried adding a flow for pop-up recognition and verifying if it exists then click on allow and proceed?
Else normal flow continues.



My bad…

I see you have already added a flow for same.

But issue is it only works in attended mode currently but not in unattended mode, right?

If yes, what activity is it actually failing in unattended mode? Is it able to locate Allow button in there?


It’s failing on popup, it’s not able to check checkox and click allow button.
It’s failing on checkbox.

Outlook is getting timeout because of it.

Hi @AndyMenon , @ppr , @prasath17 , @loginerror , @NIVED_NAMBIAR , @jeevith , @postwick

Please let me know if anyone had faced this similar issue in past.


its about access permissions for outlook.
Have a look on the screens and edit the security settings:

In case of settings are controlled by Group Policies then the corresponding Tech team is to get involved

These are disabled for me, I cannot change it.
Is their any other work around ?

if disabled then you dont have the rights (e.g. missing admin right) Needs to be sorted out with Admin / Techteam.

You can try to hack the regedit for these flags. But we would recommend to do it controlled with thech team and and not to bypass.

Okay, let me connect them.


Hi @ermanoj3101,

Ok as far I remember, I had this issue using BluePrism and I remember trying two things. Both worked.

  1. Try editing the outlook security settings. Remember to Open Outlook with administrator rights.
    Try to give admin rights to the Robot User in for that specify machine as robot user owns the outlook session when logged in. This way once you set Never Warn this popup will disapper.

See solution 1 in this thread: How can you Disable Outlook Security Warning Window? - Microsoft Community

  1. As @ppr said editing windows registry can help and we go it to work. Remember if this is a production robot, avoid this approach. You can corrupt registry files with this approach if the input in wrongly set.

Both solutions here: Program is trying to send an e-mail message on your behalf - Outlook | Microsoft Docs

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Thanks for your input, i will check with my Admin team once if they can enable that option in outlook for UAT and Prod machine.


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