Getting newest/most recent date from extracted full text


How to get newest/most recent date from extracted full text.

I have more than two dates like in (month dd, yy) format.

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you can use like this buddy to get that in a if condition
Datetime.Parseexact(“yourdatestring”,“MMM dd,yy”,System.Globalization.CultureInfo.InvariantCulture).ToString(“dd/MM/yyyy”).Equals(now.ToString(“dd/MM/yyyy”))

SImple buddy @hairsh
try this and let now whether this works or not buddy


Getting error as “Assign: String was not recognized as a valid DateTime.”

Buddy may i know exact format of your input of extracted ful text @hairsh

yeah, there is a text with dates in it.

Here is the text :

October 30, 2006
The Investigative Committee of the Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners filed a formal Complaint against Adelaida Resuello, M.D., (Respondent) on October 30, 2006, for alleged substandard medical care rendered to her patients by administering a drug not approved for human use without the knowledge or consent of her patients, as per Count I (violation of NRS 630.301(4)). As per Count II, Respondent allegedly violated NRS 630.305(e), by aiding, assisting, employing or advising directly or indirectly, any unlicensed person to engage in the practice of medicine. Per Count III, Respondent allegedly violated NAC 630.225, by failing to notify the Board of any unlicensed physician coming to this state for consultation with or assistance to the physician licensed in Nevada. As per Count IV, Respondent allegedly violated NRS 630.3062(1), by failing to maintain timely, legible, accurate and complete medical records relating to the diagnoses, treatment and care of a patient. tw
Copies of Complaint: 6 Pages

March 16, 2007
On March 16, 2007, a Settlement Waiver and Consent Agreement was approved and accepted by the Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners, whereby, Adelaida Resuello M.D., by not contesting, agreed that an Order be entered finding her found guilty of two (2) violations of the Medical Practice Act of the State of Nevada, more specifically, that Adelaida Resuello, M.D., committed malpractice in violation of NRS 630.301(4) when she failed to exercise reasonable care, skill and knowledge in administering a drug not approved for human use, specifically botulinum toxin type A, without the knowledge or consent of her patients; and that Adelaida Resuello, M.D., assisted in allowing an individual not licensed to practice medicine in Nevada to perform procedures multiple times on patients, which is a violation of NRS 630.305(e). Adelaida Resuello, M.D., was ordered to be publicly reprimanded and placed on twelve (12) months of probation. During the probationary period Adelaida Resuello, M.D., is to abide by the following conditions: Adelaida Resuello, M.D., shall not use any injected cosmetic substance on herself or others; Adelaida Resuello, M.D., shall complete twelve (12) hours of Continuing Medical Education (CME) on the topics of charting and ethics, to be pre-approved by the Investigative Committee Chair and these CME’s shall be in addition to any other CME’s required as a condition of licensing; and Adelaida Resuello, M.D., shall pay a fine of $2,000.00 to be paid with ninety (90) days of the Order of the Board. Failure to meet any of these terms will result in a thirty (30) day suspension of Adelaida Resuello, M.D., license to practice medicine. Furthermore, Adelaida Resuello, M.D., shall reimburse the Board $1,680.90 for the costs of the investigation and prosecution of this case to be paid within ninety (90) days of the Order of the Board. tw
Settlement Waiver and Consent Agreement: 8 Pages

April 1, 2008
On April 1, 2008 issued its Order stating the Adelaida Resuello, M.D. successfully completed her probation, terms and conditions imposed by the March 16, 2007 Settlement Waiver and Consent Agreement with the Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners. Dr. Resuello is removed from probationary status and her medical license is restored to a full and unrestricted status. SR
Order: 1 page

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Got it buddy @hairsh
try this and this should work for sure
Datetime.Parseexact(“yourdatestring”,“MMMM dd,yy”,

Did that work buddy @hairsh

No @Palaniyappan, May be i should go for regex