Getting multiple errors with packages when creating a new project

Hi all,

I have some issues with loading some packages in UiPath Studio. I’m running version 2020.10.2 on an enterprise license.

When I start a new project, UiPath is taking a long time to “Restoring dependencies” and once it has been done, and Studio is ready, I see that the log is filled up with errors:

Link to pastebin, as the log is too long for UiPath Forum:

Sorry for the very long log…

However, I’m not really sure what to do. I’m not able to install new official packages.
When I open up the the “Manage Packages” and click on “Official”, a yellow bar appears with the following error:

"Package source Official has encountered the following error: The V2 feed at '$filter=IsLatestVersion&searchTerm="&targetFramework="&includePrerelease=false&$skip=0&$top=30&semVerLevel=2.0.0' returned an unexpected status code '503 Service Unavailable'.

I tried deleting the UiPath folder in my Documents folder, but that doesn’t help on the error.

I have also tried to repair my dependencies without luck.

My installation of UiPath is fresh, and was performed this morning.

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Issue was solved by adding the following code to the UiPath.Studio.exe config file:
useDefaultCredentials = “True”
So due to the fact, that I am behind some proxy server, I had to do add the code above.

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