Getting multiple errors with packages when creating a new project

Hi all,

I have some issues with loading some packages in UiPath Studio. I’m running version 2020.10.2 on an enterprise license.

When I start a new project, UiPath is taking a long time to “Restoring dependencies” and once it has been done, and Studio is ready, I see that the log is filled up with errors:

Link to pastebin, as the log is too long for UiPath Forum:

Sorry for the very long log…

However, I’m not really sure what to do. I’m not able to install new official packages.
When I open up the the “Manage Packages” and click on “Official”, a yellow bar appears with the following error:

"Package source Official has encountered the following error: The V2 feed at '$filter=IsLatestVersion&searchTerm="&targetFramework="&includePrerelease=false&$skip=0&$top=30&semVerLevel=2.0.0' returned an unexpected status code '503 Service Unavailable'.

I tried deleting the UiPath folder in my Documents folder, but that doesn’t help on the error.

I have also tried to repair my dependencies without luck.

My installation of UiPath is fresh, and was performed this morning.

Issue was solved by adding the following code to the UiPath.Studio.exe config file:
useDefaultCredentials = “True”
So due to the fact, that I am behind some proxy server, I had to do add the code above.

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