Getting "Key,Value ""Value"",""""" as Invoice Number

the Below Image show what invoice number i am getting but if i am extracting that to excel

then the value becomes


Hi @H_khot ,

Could you let us know what is being done in your Process ?

Also, Tracking through with the Debugging to which file is the Datatable being written to ?

In terms of a Document Understanding Process and you are performing the Export, then there might be multiple datatables present in the Dataset, and the data in the Sheet would be overwritten with the Last datatable if using the Same sheet name in Write Range activity.

Could you check and let us know if that is the case ? If not, we would want to understand more of your process in brief.

@H_khot ,

Instead of "TestingSheetName" use currentItem.TableName and then observe the Output Excel sheet.

You should be then able to understand the reason and also develop the additional logic as needed.

Maybe for your Case it should be :


Hi @H_khot

Use Merge Datatable activity it will help you

Hope this Helps

@H_khot ,

Maybe it would be better if you could perform the change in the below way :

Note: Also, Try to keep the variable names different from Keywords/Types (DataSet is also a Type).

Used Merged Data Table with Build Data Table and it is working.

But How i will know About From Which File it has Extracted the Value.

But i also want the File Name to be displayed with the Values to know from which file it has extracted the data.

Hi @H_khot

Digitilize Document activity Output Gives you the Type of the file which it has read

But how i will add the to excel file i am creating

i am extracting invoice number & Amount for now But i also want to add File Name To know From which file it as extracted the Data.

You can use Add Data Column Activity or
In build datatable you can add a Column with the Filename

You can use this way

@H_khot ,

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Also Please Note : Do provide us with a Clear Idea on the Required Output, Prepare a Sample of the Required Output and the Existing Input Data, so that we can deliver the proper suggestions.

ok, Next Time i will Try to Provide a Proper Idea

Thanku @supermanPunch and @Shiva_Nikhil for Helping.


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