Getting issues while updating data from excel in website

In Reframework i am using excel sheet to read data and enter or update in website but i found one issue when i was trying for update in website then when it was last item in excel sheet to update in website then last item keeps updating again and again .
But when it item was middle of records in excel to update then it updates once only .
Please suggest me how to solve this issue. It’s important and urgent .
Will be waiting for reply.

Thanks .

Hy @programmer,

It is really odd!! Could you share your entire project folder for us to have a look?


Sorry i can’t share entire project due to security reasons but for new transactions (or data to come in process.xaml) i used TransactionNumber < TransactionData.Rows.Count
Please let me know if you need additional information.

Hy @programmer,

If you are using excel, the transaction number should start with zero and not one, please check that

Besides that, I recommend then is that you execute the process step by step and check if the variables update according to what you need. Make sure that the TransacationNumber is incremented correctly and that all of your excel rows are processed correctly.

Good luck

For inserting it works correctly , for updating if data comes middle of row it updates but if data coming from last row then it keeps updating again and again .
The transaction number is starting with zero only.
If you can help me with this issue.


Another thing: make sure there is no “unwanted” last row in your file, for example, like a subtotal you dont need, for example. check that?

It helped me i have column date which changes it in # when i open it expand column i tried again and problem gets solved .May be it was the only issue .

Thanks for help.

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It’s great @programmer,

I am very glad I could help you?

Could you mark my post as the solution, please?

Thank you a lot!!

Happy Automation!!

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