Getting issue while using TYPE INTO activity in drop down case on Desktop application

HI Team whenever i am using type into activity to write down values from my excel on drop down by passing variable through For each row getting below issue .

  1. If values are like My name is - typing correctly
  2. If these values length getting increased like My name is Raju - Not typing correctly and taking some other value from drop down

Hi @kaushalsahi

Put a delay after typing and before selecting any item from drop-down

That will work I think

Nived N :robot::robot:

Happy Automation :relaxed::relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:

During typing only it is taking wrong value because of latency.
I think you misunderstood the issue.
If robot is typing “My name” it is coming correct but if robot is trying to type “Address and Location of Home” then it is taking wrong value from drop down and selecting a value which is starting from “Location”

Hope I am able to explain the issue.


Can u show the screenshot of case when selecting values are wrong of the app

Did u mean like this

Let’s say if we had to search My Name is Raju

But when bot types it takes only My name option only

So.u had to tackle the issue

Is it right?

Right , while typing “My name” is coming but because of latency insted to taking “My name Raju” it is taking clearing the previous value and takes word starting from “Raju” in dropdown

Anyone who can help here to resolve the query?

Like try this logic

After typing the data in input text box put a delay and check the option and click it

Can u show the screenshot of the above scenario ?