Getting "Index was out of Range.Must be Non negative" exception in ui explorer

Hi All,

i am trying to capture text which is present on alert pop up("Birth Date is lessthan 21 years).When i am trying to capture this text by clicking on “indicate element” i am getting “Index was out of Range.Must be Non negative” exception.i am using get attribute activity to capture inner text from this popup.Can some one help me in resolving this issue pls.Here are the screenshots.

Can some one pls respond to this?Though i have selected limited text (Birth Date Lessthan 21 years) getting this exception.Thanks in advance

ı got the same error when ı try to find specific text in a web page. I suppose that a web page have large number of nested classes in html code but I did not solve this problem.

Hi @nilaykamar welcome to forum

Can u share the screenshot of uiexplorer ? And also show it s attribute part well so we can help you


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