Getting HTML (Selectors) of image in Citrix automation

HI ,
I am workinig in RDP desktop application which is a ctirx environment i have mutliple tubes in the app whom i have to loop dynamically is there any way around to loop through all the tubes.?

Secondly is there any way to get htlm of the image ?means i go tthe image using citrix now is there any way to get selectors of that image?

Need help…!!
find the screenshot of the list of tubes for better understanding

Native Citrix Automation should provide the ability for you to use reliable selectors

There is a video explaining this feature in the UiPath Academy within the updates course.

Hi @goharmalik

For getting the selectors inside citrix environment you have two methods

  1. By using Native Citrix Automation.
  2. By using Computer Vision.

Once you get the selectors, you can try for looping making use of properties and attributes inside.

Goutham Vijay

Goutham Native citrix automation doesnot provide selectors i have tried both CV also

It will provide, i have tried CV and i got the selectors.

pls see the screenshot no selectors are there it hust give cordinates :frowning:

I tried UiPath remote runtime but the results are not accurate . I could not install Citrix extension as its giving some registry error is there any other way to install citrix Extension.

You need to carry out some tasks before the extension will work. Please read the documentation