Getting Handle is invalid Error While taking the screenshot

Getting the below error

In Un-Attended mode ?

Yes. In unattended mode.

Did you previously connect via RDP then just close the RDP window? Don’t do that. Always SIGN OUT of the session.

Do this. Connect to the server via RDP then sign out completely. Now try your automation.

Hello @Bhargavi_Yerragudi

Is this issue while executing from the studio or you have already configured in orchestrator and scheduled the job?


Thanks for your response.
We are not actually running using the Studio.
We have deployed the bots in orchestrator and while running the bots using schedulars we are getting this issue intermittently.

Thanks for your response.
Our bots are in production already and hence we didn’t open Prod VDI’s at all.

@Bhargavi_Yerragudi are you getting this error intermittently and not for all the execution??

If yes, is it happening for some particular screenshot??

@Rahul_Unnikrishnan, It is actually happening intermittently. Not for any particular screenshot.

can you try adding some additional delay before to the screenshot activity?

Is that happening when the automation runs long ?

This usually happens if the VDI gets disconnected !

Did someone ever find a soluton for this particular issue?
No answer was approved yet so I’m not sure.

If you remote into the server where you’re running your jobs, SIGN OUT before running jobs. Don’t just close the RDP window. SIGN OUT from the Start menu.