Getting following error while running with other version in RDP


My desktop version is 2019.9.2…BOT is running well !!!

My Remote desktop version is 2019.4.4 …BOT is throwing error like "unable to recgonize version ’

I copied all my work flow from my DESKTOP to RDP.

following is my error .

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Hi @allurai_india,

I’ve had this issue as well. First close the project on the RDP computer and note all of the current package versions, then you need to delete the ‘.project’ file and ‘local’ folder. Note - the local folder is sometimes hidden.

Then open the project back up on the RDP. Some packages may have to be added back in.

Simply delete the Project.json and open your XAML you should be able to open it.


@WhenCutEsh thanks …it is working now …

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