Getting files from dynamically changing folders via FTP

Hi, I’m fairly new to UiPath and still learning. I need your help on the following scenario.

I’m trying to get some files out of folder(s) in which its folder names are matching with current date via FTP session, and having hard time to come up with a solution.

Ex) On December 4, bot goes into Month ‘December’ folder and Day ‘4’ subfolder and download files to local environment. If July 10, navigating to ‘July’ folder then ‘10’ subfolder and download files.

I think i might need to add some logics that could be used in conjunction with ‘Directory Exists’ or ‘File Exist’ activity, but any tips or thoughts will be much appreciated. Thank you.

Please see below image for your reference.

what is the part you need help with? Do you already know how to get the month name and day?