Getting files form Git

Hey Guys,

I am working on a process where the input file is stored in git. The business team will push the fie to the git and the bot has to download the file and process the request.
How can I download the file from git and work on it.

p.s.: I have not worked that much on git so I don’t have much idea as well.

Devbrath :slight_smile:

Hi @Devbrath_Rajkhua
Is Git installed in your system

then use right click on the folder and do use Git Gui Here option

Ashwin S


Hope this helps:

I’m not sure if you have gone through this option earlier, but we can download the files directly from GIT using API (AJAX requests) or commands. This is an easy way to get the files instead of opening the browser and saving the files.

If it is a one time process like getting files from some other developers, you can clone it in a new folder and use it further