Getting Exception HRESULT: 0x80010114)

This is my scenario, reading multiple .xlsx and CSV files and after that doing data table operation.

Sometime getting the HRESULT Exception. Any suggestion for this?

hello @Nikhil_Antony,

before reading any workbook make sure that all excel workbook are closed
after reading each excel or csv use kill activity for excel.
this might help you


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Thanks @Ajju, I am using kill for EXCEL. And I a getting the error while reading second file

Hi Nikhil

Can you provide the complete exception message that u r getting , is there any error message associated with it?

Hi @Nikhil_Antony. Try to use some delay and then read the second file, that will work for you.


use kill excel activity after Each read excel activity and also give some delay between alternative read operation

@ya it is working. Thanks
Is there any alternative to avoid delay. or is it possible to dynamic delay over here


Are you using excel scope activity and inside read rage inside it… Or using read range under workbook activities?

You can try both if any one is working fine without delay its well and good

Hi @Nikhil_Antony

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Are you by chance using the Copy Sheet activity? See here for a clue:

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No I am not using copy sheet activity


If i am not wrong i believe that your first iteration is successful but second iteration is causing problem. Correct?

If so please have a look on it…

If you face any further issue please revert


@Nikhil_Antony This Issue Is actually Strange as If you restart your PC the error will go off sometimes running too much on excel operations makes the Excel corrupt, sometimes if the cell contains ######### also this kind of exceptions come up.

Please don’t use kill Excel . I have faced lots of issue because of this.

Kill will corrupt your excel.
I have faced this in Production Sever and wasted 2 days fixing this , then at the end i realised that KILL is causing this isssue.
Reason - When we use kill with excel it closes excel without saving . so, next time when you will open excel it will give message in left side of excel to save or not.

Best practice don’t use Kill with Excel.
I am just telling this with experience , maybe i might be wrong.