Getting "Error Writing Output file. Win Error: 3" when attempting to output license via terminal

I have activated my license and confirmed there is an output when running “regutil.exe export-info” on my command prompt.

However, when I try to output using the documented “regutil.exe export-info /out_file=E:\orchestrator.license” or variations like “regutil.exe export-info /out_file=D:\license.txt”, I get an error “Error Writing Output file. Win Error: 3” I have tried searching google/these forums for a similar issue and have not found it.

I am not incredibly familiar with the command prompt, but I do know the basics. What am I missing here?

Thank you

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I’ve tried the following command and it worked like a charm.

Regutil.exe export-info /out_file=C:\Temp\license.txt

Check if there are not any permission issue on the specified folder.



Thank you, that did it! I guess I needed to specify Temp

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