Getting error with send Outlook mail message

Could somebody tell me, how to fix this. I’m attaching the screenshot

Where you have mentioned account email id imean from address and is outlook is configured in u r machine?

Yes bro, outlook is configured in my machine. So that’s why I didn’t provide the from mail ID. by default it will send it, from configured mail ID right?

no you have to provide the email id that is configured.

@kalyanDev I just provided the configured outlook mail ID and tried bro. But still getting the same error

Can you check this
I have found solution for this - There was issue with Target platform 32 bit or 64 bit. The machine where i was getting exception there 64 bit Office was installed and my outlook add in setup was built in 32 bit platform. I have recompiled and built outlook add in setup with 64 bit target platform and installed on that machine. now it is working fine

i have found this ans for this in microsoft webisite

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@kalyanDev Thanks for the time you put in to resolve my issue bro. But where can I see, whether my outlook setup is 32bit/64bit? I’m unable to find it in the properties of outlook app.

And how can I change it to 64 bit, if it was set to 32bit?
Could you please elaborate?

may be those settings will be there when we install outlook so just contact once with admin team

Yeah, I’ll ask them. Thanks bro :blush:

welcome :slight_smile: