Getting error while using HTTP request

Hi ,
I am trying to call HTTP api call in activity panel, after providing Endpoint URL and checked the preview and response is success with code ‘200’.
But after that i am getting following error .

Could not load type ‘UiPath.Platform.ResourceHandling.ILocalResource’ from assembly ‘UiPath.Platform, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null’.

Could you please help me on this why i am getting this error.

Rajasekhar Tandasa

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Hey @rajasekhar_Tandasa

Is the error at the same HTTP activity or at a different source?

I’m just asking this since you said you were getting success response.


Hi Krishna,
This is for same HHTP activity, while preview i got success. After click OK then i am getting the error.

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Hey @rajasekhar_Tandasa

Okay great.

Did you change any props after testing with preview ?


  • Could you please share the props screenshot like how you are using the same

  • Version of the activity package

  • And workflow snap as well once please like what is the upcoming activities



Now i given endpoint URL at pros instead of HTTP request wizard. Now it’s working fine.

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Great ! @rajasekhar_Tandasa

Hi Rajasekhar,

Can you guide how did you resolve this error. I am also stuck at the same issue

Hi @rajasekhar_Tandasa,

Please close the thread by marking the solution so that others can also refer it in future.


For me the same error occurred. I just reinstalled it again. Then it was working for me.

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Cool @Swapnil_Pawar :slight_smile: :+1:

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