Getting error while useing if..else statement in reframework process transaction(success part)

Any update for this error… I am getting the error while using in process transaction state in RE Framework.

Hi @Tapan_Behera1

LMGTFY (Let me Google that for you!)
Judging by the first few results, it’s a Dot Net issue, but related to UiElements.

The short version is, some UiElement is being targeted but it may not be of the nature which the automation expects. For example, looking for an element of type label but finding a hyperlink which is HTML type a or href.
Try to narrow down by debugging exactly where the problem occurs and fix the selector.

Hi @Tapan_Behera1, @RPAForEveryone,

Sadly this is a bug since 21.4.3 onwards.
We have reported it. This can occur many places in REframework.

In our case it was in an if condition in our process which has a state-machine.This bug has still not been fixed yet.

So you will have to think of an alternative way to achieve your logic you are trying to implement.

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