Getting error while publishing project


Project can not be publish

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Hi @Piyush_Arora2
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I assume your code doesn’t has the use of Main and Main(autosaved)

If yes, go to project tab, delete them and try publishing again

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—hope you are trying to punish a project from other xaml files of a project apart from being in a main.xaml
—I.etry to publish a project from main.xaml and not from its sub xaml files of the same project
—so here it seems like we got two files of Main.xaml like one got auto saved when we had closed the file abruptly without saving
—delete that auto saved file and have the Main.xaml alone
—then from there publish the project and if any validation error occurs at any xaml file either in main or its associated xaml file in the project still kindly check whether there is any error exists or not along the sequence of that particular xaml file

That’s all you could find the error and can easily get through the process of publishing the project

Hope this would help you
Cheers @Piyush_Arora2