Getting error while install package in uipath

@abhilashreddyalla I am unable to find config file. can you tell me the name of the file as well.

mismo problema

Try to install a new version of UiPath Studio (v22.4.3).

Before installing, make sure to delete all the UiPath programs from Control Panel → Restart machine.
Then install the MSI file and in the end, you may restart the machine.

If during the installation of an activity package the path gets corrupted, the installation doesn’t complete. It is recommended to backup and then clear the content of the following local folders %userprofile%.nuget\packages and %userprofile%\AppData\Local\UiPath.cache.

If you need to clear all the local caches, you may run in a Command Prompt console as Administrator this command:

nuget locals all -clear

If the above command doesn’t work because the nuget is not recognized internally, you may install the nuget.exe CLI by downloading it from, save that .exe file to a suitable folder, and add that folder to your PATH system environment variable.

Let us know if it is working.