Getting error while extracting table form pdf

Hi Everyone,

I’m getting some error while extracting table from pdf, even i checked few videos about it still i’m facing some issues. I’m attaching my flow can anyone help (219.5 KB)

@NIVED_NAMBIAR can you check once my flow

Hi @ranaprathap928
i think you are using epsilon AI activity

so it will extract the table from pdf as datatable

Hi @NIVED_NAMBIAR epsilon AI is not working for this and Document understanding is working but i want this to be done by String Manipulation. Check my code once i tried something but i’m getting error. i’m not able to fix that.

In this movie, I have a lot of example of string manipulation (free code check description)

Cristian Negulescu

Hi @Cristian_Negulescu i tried this code i’m getting some errors. i attached my workflow in my question, please have a look and suggest me any modification.

Hello Rana,
I don’t see any workflow?

@Cristian_Negulescu - Its in his first post…Please see below…


Bad news I find your PDF in the zip but is not standard. I’m not able to create a rule with VB.NET in the same way that I show in 17 example movie.
Sorry you need to find other approach not my VB.NET logic.

Ok @Cristian_Negulescu thanks for the response, I will check any alternate.

@ranaprathap928 - Even i tried to extract using regex method but unfortunately I could not extract it fully because of service date and Type service is flowing to the next line…

Yes @prasath17 this PDF format is different even I’m trying all ways but not working.

@ranaprathap928 - Yes agreed. I will give it another try tomorrow and let you know…

Sure @prasath17 thanks

@ranaprathap928 - Here you go…I tried now itself :wink:

Regex Pattern

I will try to improvise this tomorrow to see if I can capture the next line too…

Hi @prasath17 if you did that in uipath, can you share me the xaml, I’m not that much experienced in regex. It will be helpful for me.

@ranaprathap928 - Yes…That is really simple…i will share the xaml in few mins…which will show you how to convert Regex groups to datatable using LINQ.

Thanks @prasath17 for your help

@ranaprathap928 - Here you go… (234.6 KB)

You can removed the output excel file and try running the workflow …

Hope this helps…

Sure @prasath17 i will check this now

Hi @prasath17 is code giving me 80% of solution for my problem, only missing is additional date and second column procedure number. i will check this if i can modify i will do this rest. Thanks for the solution . If you can give any suggestions for rest part please tell me i will try to implement .