Getting error when trying to run bot using command line

Hi, i am getting below error when trying to execute bot via command line -
Could not load file or assembly ‘UiPath.Activities.Contracts, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null’. The system cannot find the file specified.

i am just trying with a simple flow but even that is not working.
Please help if you know the fix.

Attended ROBOT ver 23.4.5


-Ensure that all dependencies, including the UiPath.Activities.Contracts assembly, are present and correctly referenced in your project.
-Check if the version of the UiPath.Activities.Contracts assembly mentioned in the error message (Version= ) matches the version used in your project. It’s possible that there’s a version mismatch.
-Check the version of the UiPath.Activities.Contracts package in your project’s dependencies. If you’re using a version other than , update your project to use the version mentioned in the error.
-Verify that your project’s configuration is set up correctly. Check the project settings, such as target framework and platform, to ensure compatibility.
-Ensure that the machine where you’re trying to run the robot has the necessary dependencies installed. Sometimes, issues can arise if the required activities or dependencies are missing.

Thanks & Cheers…!

thanks @Dilli_Reddy, the process doesn’t have any such dependency. I just created a process with input dialog and Write line activity to try with command line. It is first time i am trying with command line.