Getting error - Move File: Could not find file 'E:\Folders_To_Move_Source'

thats the source folder & I’m trying to move the files in it to another folder… but getting an error,

Move File: Could not find file ‘E:\Folders_To_Move_Source’.

Can any one please help me out?

Hi @Chinmay_Bhalerao !
To move the file by using Move file activity, you need to indicate file paths not folder paths.
For instance, let’s say you have an excel file named “A.xlsx”, you need

  • in the from section to write: “E:\Name of the source folder\A.xlsx”
  • in the to section to write: “E:\Name of the output folder\A.xlsx”

So in your situation, you have to write:

  • in the from: item
  • in the to: "E:\Folders_To_Move_Source\" + Path.Getfilename(item)
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Thank you so much @Hiba_B ! It works now
I searched a lot on the forum, but did not get a solution
Hopefully someone with the same problem will find this & move ahead faster!

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Great to hear that !!
Don’t forget to mark your topic as solved so people focus on solved topics to understand :smiley:

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