Getting error in RPA challenge using Javascript

Hi everyone, I am getting error while doing RPA challenge using Javascript. Can someone help on this? Please find the workflow below.

RPA (2.6 MB)

Below is error screenshot

@Manjuts90 Why do you use On Element Appear?

@supermanPunch Just to wait till required page gets loaded

@Manjuts90 I guess there is some problem in your Excel File

@supermanPunch is it working for you?

@Manjuts90 No Sorry, The excel Problem was my Fault :sweat_smile:. Im trying to solve the error

@supermanPunch If you solve the issue, please let me know.

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@Manjuts90 Is your JavaScript code Proper?

@supermanPunch yes it is absolutely correct

@Manjuts90 Can you tell me why there is abs function?Capture

@supermanPunch it is used for splitting input value.

@Manjuts90 But it’s never called

@supermanPunch By using your own method and input, are you able to resolve the problem. i don’t have much idea about javascript.

@Manjuts90 Check with this js (428 Bytes)
Change the parameter name in Inject js Code Activity to ‘str’

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@supermanPunch Values are not splitting with your js file

@Manjuts90 Can you send the screenshot of your Workflow? I have made some changes, i want you to modify some things

@supermanPunch Take a look at below screenshots bro


@Manjuts90 Before injecting js add this assign

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@supermanPunch Thanks for your time and effort bro

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@Manjuts90 Happy Automation :smile:

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