Getting Error in Read range of Excel Application scope

my xaml file is given below:

What i am truing to do is to retrieve the data from excel sheet of column h3 and i hv to put it into website.
But why it is showing the error in Excel Application scope as mentioned in screenshot??

can you guys please help me out in resolving my issues??

Thanks in Advance,
Aman Kumar

Hi @Ani008

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Kindly a screenshot of where this read range is used that could help us go in a right direction

Does it mean like the rows start from 3rd row
If so mention the range as “A3” in the read range if not mention as “” simply

Or these steps could help you resolve this
— use excel application scope and pass the file path a input
— use a read range activity and mention the sheetname and range as “” (if from third row then “A3”) and get the output with a variable of type datatable named outdt
— use for each row loop activity and pass the above variable outdt as input and inside this we can use a open browser and mention the value you want like this row(“yourcolumnname”).ToString
Or with columnindex
For h


As i want to retrive the data from H3 to H6.So, I put H3 in the read range and made a variable of it of type data table,but it is showing error that a column name “yes” already belong to data table.
As it is given below:-

Fine no worries
Kindly mention in the read range with these details like
In sheetname mention as “Normal Invoices”
In range mention as “A2”
And enable the Add Headers checkbox so that it will take the first row of the table extracted as a header(here its second in excel but that doesn’t matter as we start to read from A2, so will take that as header and gives us datatable from A3)
And get the output with a new variable of type datatable named outdt with default value Defined in the variable panel like
New System.Data.Datatable

Hope this would help you

Hey @Ani008 :smiley:

Check the Rdata Table. Did you build the Data Table with Headers? The issue probably lies there.

and yes If you want to read Data from H3 to H6 then fill the read range like this “H3:H6”

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Thanks @ anasm

Thanks @ Palaniyappan for the help.