Getting error in Assign Activity while creating workflow for PDF reading

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I am getting error in Assign activity. the error i am getting inside for each row activity for datatable and in this activity there is one Assign Activity in which i am getting one attribute called as “Employee Code” for this attribute i am trying to get value from dataset . so while getting value using Assign activity . I am getting this error. request to help me upon this error. Please find attached error screenshot for this .

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Varun Shinde

can you upload the xaml here?

Main.xaml (26.2 KB)

have you tried printing
dataSet.Tables(0).Rows(0).Item("Employee Code").ToString()

i saw you already printed out all the datatables inside dataset
are you sure Employee Code is in dataSet.Tables(0) and not another table?

can you also scroll up on your error ? it should say something like Column xxx does not belong to datatable

yes this is correct !!!

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Hi Jack,

Please find details in attached screenshots.

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ok, please remember to mark my answer as solution

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