Getting error for Reading complex excel sheet

Reading a complex excel sheet is not possible as the excel sheet contains filters and data validations. Can somebody help me out with solution how to read these complex excel sheets

I could not able to upload the excel sheet as it is too big to upload

What’s the error?

Thank you for the response ddpadil.
Error which i am getting is Uipath Robot has stopped working.
A problem caused the program to stop working correctly

May i know which excel package version your using?
This is known issue for the excel and fixed in latest packages.
Could you please update the excel package from manage package pane if available.
just to cross check do you mind running same workflow for simple excel file and does error occurs?

Other option:

My excel packages are up to date and reading the other excel files are possible but i have got an issue with particular excel which is almost 11.6mb

It pretty much memory issue.
The maximum number of rows that a DataTable can store is 16,777,216 and i don’t think so you have more than those number of rows right?
Saw couple of post where excel activity have hard time to process huge excel data.
@Andrei_Pop any thoughts on this?

I dont covered that many rows in excel. But having any filters or data validations will be an issue for that?

cool. Let QA team have a look into this and till that hung tight :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi All I have same issue , My excel has 24 columns and 3 lakh row , UI path is stop working , did you guys find any solution…??


@hkjobs1988 Do you want to read entire excel or only particular columns.

Hi Hitesh, I was facing the same issue did you find a solution ?


This is anki.

Better to try this way as configure excel as a database if excel file is having huge data on it.

Could u please elaborate what’s your requirement.


I’ve resolved this using MACROS, but could you provide detail instructions on excel using with database.

I’ll be working mostly on excel sheets which has high volume of data.