Getting error 'Cannot Communicate with IE Brwoser'

getting error ‘Cannot Communicate with IE Browser’.
Here is what is happening

  • When the IE browser gets opened up it opens up ‘View and Track downloads popup’ in which it asks to open up the excel sheet fro which i am reading the data in my bot.
  • this window is not handled anywhere , so when i manually click on open the excel sheet after the bot fails and i get the error as’cannot communicate with IE Browser’

Can Anyone help please .

Trupti Yadav

Could you please share your code snippet and instance where you are getting error?

hi @Tupti_Yadav,

Can’t we Handle the Popup and Automate the stufff we are doing manually.

– Here we Take element exist of the Popup and If true - Open Application Excel with the Desired path.

– So Here we can Handle the the window using element Exist.

A good Practice would be Putting the entire automation piece in a Try/ Catch Block and incase of exception - We Retry the same after killing Excel / or anything else - that you do manually to Re trigger.


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hi @Nikhil_Khandelwal ,

PFA my code snippet. I am trying to run the performer bot.

Many Thanks,
Trupti YadavMain.xaml (43.0 KB)